Fernando Pessoa


Damian from Damian Kelleher Reviews and Fiction has posted an essay on the South Wing website concerning the interesting work of Portuguese author and critic Fernando Pessoa.  For those of you not familiar with him (myself included), this essay provides a concise introduction to a seemingly fascinating artist.  Check it out here.


yidThe U.S state of Alaska is famous for its salmon, its forestry industry and its beautiful wilderness.  This land of great, yawning grizzly bears waiting for leaping salmon to join the salmon-pink tongues already in their mouths, the forests of spruce and birch, mammoth glacial drifts moving in melting slow-motion – this wonderland is no longer the exclusive domain for god’s finest natural creations, but has also become (in 1948) home to His chosen people, the Jews. Read the rest of this entry »

9781841154930Crafting a golem, as any rabbi will tell you, is a dangerous business.  One need only think of that popular patchwork icon of horror, Victor von Frankenstein’s monster, to know that they have the nasty potential, like any creation,  to turn against their creator. Read the rest of this entry »