Our lives are governed by social conventions that are almost inescapable if we wish to have meaningful relationships with the people around us: marriage, language, law, family, class, money. Indeed, to the social contract theorist our very civilization depends on the mutual adoption of these laws. But what happens when these conventions are rejected? What happens when someone dares to be different, to be a Raskolnikov and take an axe to convention’s head? Read the rest of this entry »


Curled Up


My debut review for curledup.com has been posted to their website.  It is for Doris Lessing’s 1973 novel The Summer Before the Dark.  You can read it here.

Full Marx


For those who have had Karl Marx’s Capital on their reading list for some time, here is a great place to start: David Harvey’s online video lectures.  Harvey has been teaching Capital for decades and would be more than happy to help the intimidated reader get started.  I plan on doing this as soon as my reading schedule clears up (when does that ever happen?).

Thanks to Bookforum for the link.