Of Glass and War



Elias Khoury

To say that Lebanon’s past is awash with blood is to say too little and too much. It makes of the anguish of individuals a sea of discomfort. Lebanon and its capital, Beirut, hang from a “thread of blood” and armed conflict is such a strong element of its past that we can be sure this river of violence will rise like an anti-Nile to inundate the streets once again. However, the people of Beirut, heirs to a time-line strung with the bloody pearls of war, are yet possessors of a defiant optimism and, at times, enjoy a democratic modus vivendi unique to the Arab world.

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Yesterday I passed the 500 count for page views, and somebody got here by searching for “singel [sic] women from levov”.  (It was the American Pastoral review that did it.)  You won’t find any of those here, friend, but there are a few reviews and an essay or two to read, if you’re so inclined.

More achievements to come.